Discover cutting-edge indie tracks before they hit the mainstream.

We founded Wonder in 2014 as a platform that simplifies indie music discovery - a place to hear what’s new as soon as it’s released and designed to help fans discover new indie music. Our track curation process, a combination of human and tech, saw us surfacing the crème de la crème from Soundcloud each day, within hours of a debut and often before it hits other services.

After initial success as a web platform, we released Wonder for iOS and Android in 2016. With its beautiful interface and absolute focus on exposing new music, we believe it was indie music discovery at its finest and simplest. Upon release the Wonder mobile apps achieved great success, with iOS featured under ‘Best New Apps’ and ‘New Apps We Love’ on the App Store. Wonder was also featured in TechCrunch, The Washington Post, Musically and Lifehacker.

In early 2017 we introduced Wonder 1.2, a streamlined update which harnessed user behavior insights to make music discovery even easier. Followers received four brand-new, never-before-charted tracks every single day which could be saved straight to their SoundCloud playlist. It also featured a new Artists Portal so the best new indie artists and their managers have a place to collaborate on the coverage they get via Wonder and our family of social media channels, and so that artists in the daily spotlight are ensured maximum exposure.

However in September of 2017, after trying our best to weather the troubled times experienced by Soundcloud, Hydric decided to retire Wonder. Sadly at the time there just wasn’t enough new music available to bring our thousands of users the quality of playlist they came to love.


Ultimately though, Wonder had an awesome run. It used rich data insights to bring you bleeding-edge machine and human-curated indie music, powered by Soundcloud. It won awards and got noticed by the biggest tech publications, but most importantly it had a loyal following of thousands of music lovers from around the world.

Wonder iOS app screenshots

Honestly, we're a bit bummed Wonder's about to get huge. For a while, we've known about the coolest indie playlist on the web - but none of our friends did. Now, instead of coming straight to us for music recommendations, our pals are just going to load up Wonder. They'll be greeted by a gorgeous, streamlined, constantly refreshed, killer indie music that plays without even making you sign up.

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