Spotify for Creatives

Showcasing the power of Spotify's streaming intelligence for creative professionals


With years of experience leveraging the Spotify API for branded experiences and internal tools, Hydric were perfectly positioned to help the Spotify team showcase the possibilities of their platform for creatives.


To inspire and guide brands with data fuelled creativity.  To create an inspirational, educational platform for creative professionals that demonstrates the power of Spotify’s streaming intelligence and their open API. 


We built a content-driven site with linked examples of how creative and development agencies have used the Spotify platform, and vital tips and tricks direct from the Spotify creative solutions team. We also created an interactive demo of the Spotify API’s capabilities. The demo takes a user’s listening data and matches it against API insights to reveal patterns of behaviour and interests to inspire creative collaborations. The site was international, supporting multiple languages, enabling creative teams in some of the largest markets globally.

MacBook Pro, iPhone and headphones on a desk
Three screen grabs of the Spotify For Creatives website

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