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Rheo is the best way to watch, discover and react to short videos relevant to your mood, tastes, and habits. Following the success of their AppleTV app, the Rheo team, made up of ex-Apple and Facebook product veterans, had identified the need to diversify their streaming service platform in order to leverage user engagement through social media and expand user acquisition.

The Hydric team added instant muscle to Rheo’s user experience, interface design and web front-end development capability. Collaborating with Rheo’s product and backend engineering teams to deliver the web version of their video player and design a new corporate website.


As a VC-backed tech start-up, Rheo’s budgets were tight, timelines were firm, and quality needed to be high. Additionally, the backend team had not yet completed their API, and so Hydric needed to deliver a frontend solution to the video player that anticipated its needs before they’d been realized.


In order to create an experience that translated seamlessly across devices, an intricate and robust set of responsive and adaptive layout rules were designed and developed to facilitate viewing across a matrix of devices, browsers, and window resolutions. A custom user interface was also developed that ensured brand and functional integrity across environments. Hydric’s mobile expertise further came to the fore with nonstandard, device-specific functionalities validated and introduced, including in-line video autoplay on iOS and landscape format on device tilt.


On delivery of the site, Hydric continued its consultancy with the Rheo API team to ensure quality delivery of the advanced functionalities of the web player. The Rheo.tv player received critical acclaim and coverage across a wide range of outlets including TechCrunch, StreamingMedia.com, and TheWrap. The simultaneously released Rheo iOS app was named one of the Best New Apps of 2017 by the Apple App Store editors.

Hydric delivered an innovative design on an aggressive timeline. They were thorough in their planning, helped us define realistic expectations at every step, and built a highly polished front-end solution for our back-end team to plug into.

Alan Cannistraro, Founder Rheo.tv

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