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Rate My Professors is the highest trafficked online and mobile destination for researching and rating professors from colleges and universities across the United States. Rate My Professors is considered the go-to resource for students for selecting their professors. The platform allows college and university students to assign ratings to professors and campuses of American, Canadian, and United Kingdom institutions.

Viacom enlisted Hydric to develop an iOS app for Rate My Professors in time for the fall semester, and an Android app by the end of the calendar year. With over 17 million student comments to search through, the app needed to enable easy navigation and a user experience tailored to its captive audience.

To achieve this, Hydric first engaged in technical consultancy on the API to ensure it was appropriately specced for new mobile applications. At the time that Hydric began work on the iOS application, the API was still being built by Viacom’s internal team. Managing this dynamic required close collaboration between client and agency-side teams in order to achieve the best combination of features and user experience within the constraints that the legacy backend systems presented.

Over the course of this project, Hydric consulted directly with more than a dozen Viacom stakeholders, whilst balancing their varied needs and expectations. Insights gained from previously working with Viacom on projects such as MTV Artists was invaluable to this process, with Hydric’s knowledge of Viacom’s technology and working style allowing us to anticipate and mitigate potential challenges ahead of time.


Rate My Professors 2.0 for iOS was released to the App Store in August 2016 and Rate My Professors Android was released to Google Play in January 2017. The iOS app was featured under ‘New Apps We Love’ on the App Store and was also featured under the Education category on the App Store.

Hydric’s expertise and insights enabled the development cycle to move along swiftly and smoothly. Because of this positive and successful experience, we’ve also entrusted Hydric to deliver the enhancements to our iOS product roadmap, as well as to commence work on the Android version of the app.

Jonathan Fishman - Senior Director, MTVU Digital at Viacom

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