Michelob Marathon

No run is complete without music


Michelob Ultra is a global beer brand synonymous with living well. As part of their global launch campaign, Michelob Ultra sought to utilize Spotify’s streaming intelligence and audience reach to target runners in two key markets; the United Kingdom and Mexico. As a Spotify Global Preferred Production Partner, Hydric was enlisted to bring this collaboration to life.


To create several engaging web-based experiences to help drive the Michelob Global Launch. The first, designed for both markets, allowed users to generate unique and customizable running playlists by leveraging the Spotify API. The other, for the UK alone, was a site that allowed users to redeem their recorded runs to earn rewards.


An end-to-end web experience where users generated running playlists tailored to their Spotify listening history, running pace and duration, and local weather conditions. Localized versions of the website were also developed to ensure adherence to local alcohol advertising laws across markets, and to support separate but simultaneous ad campaigns.

Michelob Marathon Hydric case study
Michelob Marathon Hydric case study
Michelob Marathon Hydric case study

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