We don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach. Every project we take on is unique, so we believe that only a custom solution will do. In order to achieve this, Hydric employs a mix of best-practice methodologies to deliver projects suited to any budget, timeframe or scale.

The way we work.

Initial consultation.

Bring us in and tell us your story. We’ll introduce ourselves and give you our first impressions on where we might be able to add value.

Project approach.

We work with you to determine the best approach to the job, taking into consideration your commercial and technical requirements.

Agile delivery.

Throw out your crystal ball. An established, dedicated team of designers, developers and testers get straight to work, delivering value quickly, regularly, and reliably. Fixed cost, fixed timeframe, value guaranteed.

Rapid prototype.

Once we’ve got enough to go on we slip straight into production mode to validate your concept. Have working software in your hands in days, not months.

Ongoing sprints.

All value, all the time. We work with you in time-boxed sprints, releasing to production only when you say so.  Regular planning, demonstration and retrospective meetings ensure your highest priority is the project’s highest priority, you see working software frequently, and the project team is continuously improving.

Lean product management.

Never take a punt again. We work with you to identify the critical metrics for your digital product and use data analytics and multivariate testing to validate every new feature, forever.

Waterfall delivery.

Prefer to ride the waterfall? We understand that some organisations just don’t do Agile.

Ideation and planning.

Initial workshop sessions yield your business requirements and brand assets. We deliver you concepts, which lead to information architecture, solution architecture and user flow documents.

User experience, interface and visual design.

See what it will look and feel like, before any code. Our team of digital design specialists collaborate with you to deliver interactive wireframes, which are iterated on until ready for final visual treatment.

Development, testing and delivery.

Designs are validated by the development team and a confident estimate is made for timeframe and cost of delivery. Designers, developers and testers work closely to ensure the user’s experience is considered at every step. You get the opportunity to make changes, and we deliver to production.

Ongoing support, forever.

Project over? We’ll never leave you in the lurch. Enjoy the security of a Hydric warranty, and put your mind at ease with our easy-to-use support and maintenance packages.

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