Beta testing is the second phase of software testing, in which a sample of the intended audience trial a development that’s near completion.

Each individual beta test may or may not include multiple test phases where users trail the app under real-world conditions to provide valuable feedback. A beta test is designed to improve the quality of an app prior to its official release.

There are two types of beta testing; open (for a larger group of testers who are compiled of anyone interested in the app) and closed (a selected invitation only group of users).

The main advantages of beta testing include:

  • Users provide feedback on any bugs or issues that they experience in the app.
  • Beta users have access to applications prior to its release to the general public.
  • Users can suggest valuable feedback to developers about additional features that could improve the experience of the app.

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‘In Plain English’ is a series that, in 200 words or less, describes technical “jargon” in a non-technical way. The descriptions aim to provide ‘just enough’ detail to allow non-technical stakeholders to understand and contribute to, high-level technical discussions.

Lachlan Kirkwood
App development, beta testing
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