A wireframe is a sketch of your app before any design or development takes place.

A wireframe is basically the blueprint for any project. Think of the construction of a building, it is essential that an architect must first have blueprints written before any actual construction can take place. In a similar way, the wireframes for an app outline the fundamental structure or skeleton of the app, without concern for visual design or branding. It is a barebones version of what the app will look like in the future.

Although it is possible to wireframe with even just a pen and paper, there are also countless programs available to use for wireframing. Popular programs include; Balsamiq, Sketch, Axure and UXPin.

Wireframing allows you to map out where the most important elements are to be placed, quickly and perhaps most importantly cost effectively. It also enables early product discussions and validation.

‘In Plain English’ is a series that, in 200 words or less, describes technical “jargon” in a non-technical way. The descriptions aim to provide ‘just enough’ detail to allow non-technical stakeholders to understand and contribute to, high-level technical discussions.

Lachlan Kirkwood
apps, development, wireframe
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