SoundCloud strikes a deal with Rubicon Project, Spotify moving its headquarters to the World Trade Centre and an App Store bug that spices up the top charts.

In this week in review, we’re covering all things music and tech that should have landed on your doorstep. Hear our take on the latest industry news as we have our say and discuss what impact it’ll play on the future.

These are the headlines grabbing our attention this week:


SoundCloud makes further steps into programmatic with Rubicon Project deal – The Drum

There appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel for SoundCloud as they strike a deal with Rubicon Project, an online advertising agency. So what does this mean for the music streaming platform? This allows brands to engage with SoundCloud’s listeners in real-time using a wide variety of targeting capabilities. Could this be the step SoundCloud needs to draw closer to a steady revenue model?

If you love to unearth the latest new music from SoundCloud, it looks like you’ll be able to stress less about the state of the music discovery platform. If you’re also a Hydric follower, you’ll be to continue to enjoy our free indie music discovery channel, Wonder.

Spotify was making headlines this week when it announced that it would be expanding and relocating its headquarters to 4 World Trade Center. The startup also mentioned that it plans to create 1,000 new jobs whilst retaining its existing 832 staff. This news comes after the music streaming service channels in on the home stretch to 50 million paid users. We’re rapt to see Spotify investing resources into their services. With their recent push towards branded campaigns, it’s becoming evident that Spotify has found a more stable method of revenue growth instead of simply relying on paid users.

Over the weekend it was reported that the app store had a bug that changed the algorithm for the featured top apps. Top grossing apps that normal call the top charts home fell, whilst other less popular apps enjoyed their time in the spotlight. Apps like StephMojiConstruction Manager Pro and even a $15 voice translator were all given a hot spot in the top grossing apps. It was suggested that Apple was experimenting with a new algorithm that focuses more on paid apps as opposed to those offering an in-app subscription service. If you’re sick of seeing the same old apps like Pokémon GO, Candy Crush or Tinder every time you go to download something new, there could potentially be a change coming.

As an apps studio, this news is exactly what developers need. It seems that these days it’s become harder and harder for apps to be featured amongst the sea of already popular apps. Do you think it’s time that the app store started shaking things up? Let us know by tweeting us at @hydricmedia.

Lachlan Kirkwood
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