A change request is the process of altering or adding additional features to an already agreed-upon project.

The change request document contains information of what alterations are to be achieved and how they’re to be implemented. A common example of a change request is when a client reviews a product they’ve approved, only to then decide on making adjustments to certain aspects.

As change requests can alter the initial project scope, it can lead to changes in studio work. A simple change request can result in consuming more resources to recreate designs and developments. As this affects the time and work put into a project, it can also increase the price of the overall project and delay its completion date.

When developing apps, it’s important to maintain a clear line of communication between a studio and a client. This ensures that little or no change requests are required.

‘In Plain English’ is a series that, in 200 words or less, describes technical “jargon” in a non-technical way. The descriptions aim to provide ‘just enough’ detail to allow non-technical stakeholders to understand and contribute to, high-level technical discussions.

Lachlan Kirkwood
App development, change requests
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