‘No Worries 100’: How laziness turned into inspiration

Any triple j fan will tell you, voting in the Hottest 100* is a glorious yet time-consuming tradition. It’s a great way of reflecting on the year of music that’s just been, as well as discovering songs that you might have missed along the way. But with so many available tracks to vote for, the process can be daunting.

Rate My Professors App – Android Launch

Hydric Media and the Rate My Professors team have recently collaborated to bring every college student’s favourite app to life on Android. The Rate My Professors app makes it easy for students to compare the ratings, difficulty level, and classroom style of multiple professors on one screen.

App Development: Native vs Hybrid and something in between

With the rise in popularity of frameworks like React Native this year, things got a little more complicated in the mobile development space. The terms ‘native’ and ‘hybrid’ no longer adequately distinguish the options available to mobile developers, which can be confusing for non-technical folk.
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